Here Are The List Of 6 Best Rob Janoff Quotes:

6 Best Rob Janoff Quotes:

  • “I have totally like an urbanite relationship to nature. I mean I’m not someone who hikes.

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  • “The only process you’ve mastered is the process of elimination, and the only reason you’ve mastered that is because you can do it in the toilet.”

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  • New possibilities for a more active democracy are beginning to emerge in the information age. Effective citizen action is possible if citizens develop the abilities to gain access to information of all kinds and the skills to put such information to effective use.

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  • Ghost! I miss him! Is that weird? I miss him even though I invented him. I feel a lot of tenderness toward him. I don’t write a lot of stuff that is sad or that is tender and affectionate, so that has a very special place in my heart

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  • But it wasn’t just the pace that made them feel suspended, like they were doing little more than drifting. It was the odd feeling that they’d been set loose into the world with nothing – and no on – left to reel them back again (Follow Us)

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