30+ Inspirational Paul Cezanne Quotes

30+ Inspirational Paul Cezanne Quotes

Here is the list of 30+ Inspirational Paul Cezanne Quotes:

20 Famous Paul Cezanne Quotes:

  • “You must think. The eye is not enough; it needs to think as well.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “We live in a rainbow of chaos.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “Right now a moment of time is passing by!… We must become that moment.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “Light is a thing that cannot be reproduced, but must be represented by something else – by color.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “An art which isn’t based on feeling isn’t an art at all… feeling is the principle, the beginning and the end; craft, objective, technique – all these are in the middle.” ~ Paul Cezanne

  • “Genius is the ability to renew one’s emotions in daily experience.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “It is not about painting life, it is about making painting alive.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensations.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “The truth is in nature, and I shall prove it.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “The most seductive thing about art is the personality of the artist himself.” ~ Paul Cezanne

  • “The awareness of our own strength makes us modest.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “I could paint for a hundred years, a thousand years without stopping and I would still feel as though I knew nothing.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “To paint is not to copy the object slavishly, it is to grasp a harmony among many relationships.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “Art is a harmony parallel with nature.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “All the theories mess you up inside.” ~ Paul Cezanne

  • “Long live the sun which gives us such beautiful color.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “The landscape thinks itself in me and I am its consciousness.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “If I think, everything is lost.” ~ Paul Cezanne
  • “It’s not just about looking and copying, it’s about feeling too” ~ Paul Cezanne
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10 Amazing Paul Cezanne Quotes:

  1. Pure drawing is an abstraction. Drawing and colour are not distinct, everything in nature is coloured.
  2. When I judge art, I take my painting and put it next to a God made object like a tree or flower. If it clashes, it is not art.
  3. I paint as if I were Rothschild.

  4. For an Impressionist to paint from nature is not to paint the subject, but to realize sensations.
  5. Shadow is a colour as light is, but less brilliant; light and shadow are only the relation of two tones.

  6. There are two things in the painter, the eye and the mind; each of them should aid the other.
  7. The painter must enclose himself within his work; he must respond not with words, but with paintings.

  8. Doubtless there are things in nature which have not yet been seen. If an artist discovers them, he opens the way for his successors.
  9. I could paint for a hundred years, a thousand years without stopping and I would still feel as though I knew nothing.

  10. I ask you to pray for me, for once age has overtaken us, we find consolation only in religion.
  11. You say a new era in art is preparing; you sensed it coming; continue your studies without weakening. God will do the rest.

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