Here Are The List Of 200+ English Slang Words

Here Are The List Of 200+ English Slang Words

Here Are The List Of 200+ English Slang Words.

500+ English Slang Words

  • Watcha: Whatcha thinking, Whatcha passionate about
  • Wanna: I wanna race cars, I really wanna be her.
  • I’mma (I’m + going + to): I’mma talk to him, I’mma go to university.
  • Outta (Out of): She got outta the taxi.
  • Kinda (Kind of): It was kinda nice to see her again,What’s your favorite kinda music?
  • Hafta (Have + to): You hafta do it,I hafta be successful in this.
  • Gimme (Give me): I beg you, gimme a chance, please. Gimme another water.
  • Gotta (Got + to): Be careful! you are gonna fall. Just gotta get my notebook back.
  • Dunno (Don’t know): He dunno how much I love her. Dunno, my dad always eats a lot.

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Conversational English Slang Words

  • Cool – (Same as above).
  • Lame – The opposite of cool or fantastic. Eg. “That’s so lame that you can’t go out tonight.”
  • Bomb – Really good. Eg. “That sandwich was bomb.”
  • Bummer – A disappointment. Eg. “That’s such a bummer. I’m sorry that happened.”
  • Shady – Questionable or suspicious. Eg. “I saw a shady guy in my neighborhood last night.”
  • Hot – Attractive. Eg. “He/she is hot.”
  • Beat – Tired. Eg. “I was so beat after that soccer game.”
  •  Sick – Awesome. Eg. “Those shoes are sick!”
  • Epic – Grand or awesome. Eg. “That was an epic party last night.”
  • Ripped – Very physically fit. Eg. “Tom is ripped!”
  • Cheesy – Silly. Eg. “The romantic comedy we watched was very cheesy.”
  • Corny – (Same as above).
  • Flakey – Indecisive. Eg. “John is so flakey. He never shows up when he says he will.”
  • It sucked – It was bad/poor quality. Eg. “That movie sucked.”

English Slang Words for People & Relationships

  • Babe – Your significant other; an attractive individual. Eg. “Hey babe!” or “She’s a babe.”
  • Have a crush – Attracted to someone romantically. Eg. “I have a big crush on him.”
  • Dump – To end a romantic relationship with someone. Eg. “She dumped him last May.”
  • Ex – An old relationship or spouse. Eg. “That’s my ex girlfriend.”
  • A turn off – Something that’s repulsive. Eg. “Bad cologne is a turn off.”
  • Party animal – One who loves parties. Eg. “Jerry is a party animal.”
  • Couch potato – A lazy person. Eg. “Don’t be a couch potato! Let’s go for a hike.”
  • Whiz – A really smart person. Eg. “Sally is a whiz at math.”
  • Chicken – Coward. Eg. “Don’t be a chicken! Go ice skating with me.”
  • Chick – A girl or young woman. Eg. “That chick is hilarious.”
  • Getting hitched – Getting married. Eg. “Tom and Sally are getting hitched.”
  • Tying the knot – (Same as above).
  • They got fired – They lost their job. Eg. “Did Jerry get fired?”

American English Slang Words for Social Events:

  • Hang out – To spend time with others. Eg. “Want to hang out with us?”
  • I’m down – I’m able to join. Eg. “I’m down for ping pong.”
  • I’m game – (Same as above).
  •  I’m in – (Same as above).
  • A blast – A very fun event. Eg. “Last night was a blast!”
  • Show up – Arrive at an event. Eg. “I can’t show up until 7.”
  • Flick – A movie. Eg. “Want to see a flick on Friday?”
  • Grub – Food. Eg. “Want to get some grub tonight?”
  • Wasted – Intoxicated. Eg. “She was wasted last night.”
  • Drunk – (Same as above).
  • Booze – Alcohol. Eg. “Will they have booze at the party?”
  • Pig out – To eat a lot. Eg. “I pigged out last night at McDonald’s.”
  • Crash – To fall asleep quickly. Eg. “After all those hours of studying I crashed.”
  • Lighten up – Relax. Eg. “Lighten up! It was an accident.”
  • Screw up – To make a mistake. Eg. “Sorry I screwed up and forgot our plans.”
  • Goof – (Same as above).
  • Score – To get something desirable. Eg. “I scored the best seats in the stadium!”
  • Wrap up – To finish something. Eg. “Let’s wrap up in five minutes.”
  • Ace – Pass a test with 100%. Eg. “I think I’m going to ace the exam.”
  • Cram – To study a lot before an exam. Eg. “Sorry I can’t go out. I have to cram tonight.”
  • Bail – To leave abruptly. Eg. “I’m sorry I had to bail last night.”
  • Ditch – To skip an event. Eg. “I’m going to ditch class tomorrow to go to the beach.”
  • Busted – Caught doing something wrong. Eg. “I got busted for turning in homework late.”

Miscellaneous American English Slang Words:

  • Freebie – Something that is free. Eg. “The bumper sticker was a freebie.”
  • Lemon – A bad purchase. Eg. “That phone case was a lemon.”
  • Shades – Sunglasses. Eg. “I can’t find my shades.”
  • Shotgun – The front seat of a car. Eg. “Can I sit shotgun?”
  • In no time – Very soon. Eg. “We’ll have our homework done in no time.”
  • Buck – One dollar. Eg. “It only costs a buck.”
  • Rip-off – A purchase that was very overpriced. Eg. “That phone case was a rip-off.”
  • balls-up — a messed up situation
  • wazzock — an idiot
  • legless — extremely drunk
  • miffed — upset or offended
  • knackered — tired and exhausted
  • gobby — being a loud mouth and/or offensive
  • collywobbles — a feeling of acute nervousness
  • tosh — nonsense
  • minted — to be wealthy
  • The Democrat’s unprecedented balls-up surprised everyone.
  • The culture minister called Hillary Clinton a ‘wazzock’.
  • We’ve all seen people leaving legless after a heavy session in the pub.
  • Miffed with local cops, the Punjab minister staged a hunger strike.
  • I’m completely knackered after the weekend!
  • I discovered he was a serial cheater and got a bit gobby about it.
  • A bloke came in the pub and he was a bit gobby.
  • The BBC corporation gets the collywobbles whenever a programme is controversial.
  • Serena claims she got the collywobbles ahead of London Olympics.
  • Politics is complete tosh to me.
  • After working the whole night, I was knackered.
  • I crawled out of that bar completely legless.
  • My friend is a little gobby at times.
  • She got collywobbles before presenting her report to the class.
  • The show was graced with another balls-up tonight.
  • He is not going to take you to court for calling him a ‘wazzock’.
  • After he started a new business, he is minting a lot of money.
  • Malaysia’s prime minister is miffed by a Justice Department investigation into his private bank accounts.

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