Best Possessive Adjectives Words And Example Sentences

Best Possessive Adjectives Words And Example Sentences

Here are the Best Possessive Adjectives Words And Example Sentences:

Possessive Adjectives List:

  1. Your (singular, plural)
  2. My
  3. His
  4. Her
  5. Its
  6. Our
  7. Your
  8. Their
  • I: I play basketball.
  • My: This is my sister.
  • You: You are a student.
  • Your Wash your hands.
  • He: He is very nice.
  • His: This is his car.
  • She: She is an engineer.
  • Her: The pencil is her pencil.
  • It: It is a cat.
  • Its:Its teeth are very sharp.
  • We: We love Spanish.
  • Our: We began our work at noon.
  • You: You are smart students.
  • Your: Is that your wallet?
  • They: They are the smartest kids here.
  • Their: Their house near the city.

Possessive Adjectives Example:

  • I will get my
  • Is this your book?
  • Your bike is red.
  • Whose book is this?
  • My mother is there. (In this example, possessive adjective ‘my’ indicates the close relationship with noun ‘mother’.)
  • I really like your (In this sentence, possessive adjective ‘your’ shows who owns the noun “shoes”.)
  • Why didn’t you clean your class? (in this sentences: ‘your’ is modifying the noun ‘class’.)
  • Mary doesn’t like her (in this sentences: ‘her’ modifies the noun ‘pen’.)
  • The chameleon can change its color whenever required. (In this sentences: ‘its’ modifies the noun ‘color’.)
  • His name is Prabhu.
  • Her name is Kohinoor.
  • Our cat is always looks cute.
  • We sold our old car yesterday.
  • The children thanked their.

Exercises Possessive Adjectives:

  • My pen is on the table.
  • I think you forgot your lunch.
  • The dog buried its bone.
  • The girl missed her bus.
  • Joey left his pen in the class.
  • That’s our school.
  • My car is very new.
  • My mother is very kind.
  • How old is your father?
  • He’s broken his bat.
  • She’s washing her car.
  • I need to clean my shoes.
  • I want to go to my class.
  • I want to marry with my friend.
  • Your bat is there.
  • Your house is very far from school.
  • Who are your mother and father?
  • Who is my class teacher?
  • I finished my lunch.
  • I missed my class today.

Answers: 1 – my, 2 – your, 3 – its, 4 – her, 5 – his, 6 – our, 7 – My, 8 – My, 9 – your, 10 – his, 11 – her, 12 – my, 13 – my, 14 – my, 15 – your, 16 – your, 17 – your, 18 – my, 19 – my, 20 – my.

Few More Exercises Comment Your Answer
  1. I purchased a meal from your restaurant.
  2. He waited for his shoes to be repaired.
  3. Sara wanted a bite of mine.
  4. She should have ordered it.
  5. We loved their new house.
  6. His name is Kevin.
  7. Her name is Michaela.
  8. Our cat is always licking its
  9. We sold our dune buggy yesterday.
  10. The children thanked their
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