Top List of Blogs By Wikipedia in 2021

Top List of Blogs By Wikipedia in 2021

Top List Of Blog According to Wikipedia! The excellent blogs share comparable properties that make them successful: they publish attractive and beneficial content material that attracts site visitors and makes them desire to read more. Popular blog writers know how to speak with their target audience, as they understand how their readership thinks and feels.

Top-rated online blogs have lots of traffic. Apart from taking part in richly deserved popularity, many blogs can come to be a profitable source of earnings for proficient bloggers.

However, the exceptional of the content material itself is every now and then not enough, which means that most famous blogs additionally pay interest to design. Therefore, when growing this list, we additionally viewed the exceptional blog designs.

If you’re searching for exceptional blog examples to encourage you, you’re on the proper page. We have covered an extensive range of blogs and sorted them with the aid of niches. Read on!

Top List of Blogs By Wikipedia in 2021

Blog Language Subject  
3 Quarks Daily English Online news aggregator English Airline industry news
1000 Awesome Things English Miscellaneous topics
The 9 on Yahoo! English Video blog on web videos
A Motley Vision English Criticism of the Mormon arts,

particularly LDS literature and film

The Art Life English Blog about the art scene in Sydney, Australia
Athletics Nation English Sports blog focusing on the Oakland Athletics

baseball team

Audimated English Music related blog focused on news, resources,

and information for independent artists.

Bad Astronomy English Blog on astronomy and science education Russian Industrial B2B marketing
Balkinization English Blog focusing on US civil liberties issues
Belle de Jour English Insight into the life of a London call-girl
Belmont Club English Political and historical blog
Bestiario del balón Spanish Colombian football blog
Blog del Narco Spanish Mexican Drug War
Blogcritics English List of Blogs Multiple sections, mostly involving

entertainment and science English Video blog on politics, philosophy, and science
The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks English Blog about the misuse of English quotation marks
The Blonde Salad English Fashion
Boing Boing English Politics, science fiction, and general interest
Borderland Beat English Mexican Drug War
Brain Blogger English Multidimensional biopsychosocial perspectives
The Brussels Journal English, Dutch Conservative blog on Belgian politics
Cake Wrecks English Photoblog featuring images of cakes that are

humorous or strange in appearance

CampusJ English Jewish college news
Chinadialogue Chinese, English Blog on the environment, both globally and in China
Climate Audit English Using statistical methods to analyze

historical reconstructions of past climates

The Comics Curmudgeon English Critical analysis of newspaper comics
ConservativeHome English Conservatism from a UK perspective
Consumerist English Blog on consumerism
Contempo Magazine English Blog on Hispanic conservatism
Core77 English Blog dedicated to the practice and produce of

the field of industrial design New York City

Cosmic Variance English Science blog on physics and astrophysics
Couric & Co. English Official blog of the CBS Evening News
Crash Test Kitchen English Cooking and food video blog
Crooked Timber English Various intellectual topics, such as: Left-of-center

politics, economics, sociology, and modern literature

Crooks and Liars English Liberal video blog
Cute Overload English Photos and videos of “cute” animals
The Daily Howler English Center-left political blog
The Daily Nightly English Official blog of NBC Nightly News
Daring Fireball English Macintosh and technology blog
Deadspin English Sports blog
Diabetes Mine English Blog relating to diabetes
Dlisted English Celebrity gossip
Down By The Hipster English Blog on the New York City nightlife
DrugWarRant English Blog used to advocate the termination

of the War on Drugs in the United States

Durma Melhor Portuguese Blog on various issues related to sleep
EastSouthWestNorth English China focused blog out of Hong Kong
Engadget English, Chinese (simplified Han)Chinese (traditional Han)Japanese, Spanish, PolishKoreanGerman Technology blog
EQ Music English Electronic pop music blog
Faces in Places English Photo blog of faces seen in everyday objects
/Film English Movie news and reviews
Fluxblog English MP3 blog
Front Porch Republic English Localist blog English Blog about the politics of computer and video games
Gawker English Manhattan news and gossip
GeenStijl Dutch General commentary
Generación invisible Spanish Blog by professional journalists
Gigaom English Blog with opinions on startups, new technologies,

broadband, and online games

Gizmodo English, French, Dutch. Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese Blog centred on Design, Technology and Consumer electronics
Go Fug Yourself English Comedy fashion blog
Google Blogoscoped English Blog covering the Google search engine
Gothamist English Local interest blog about New York, branch sites cover other cities
Groklaw English Blog covering legal news pertinent to a free and

open-source software community

Grumpy Old Bookman English Litblog
Gulfsails English Documented the effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans
Hollaback! English Photoblog intended to raise awareness of street harassment
Hot Air English Center-right political and news blog
How the World Sees America English Blog showcasing views on the United States

from around the world

The Huffington Post English Liberal news blog
I Can Has Cheezburger? English Blog featuring lolcats and other animals created by the writers
IPKat English Blog dedicated to intellectual property law
Idolblog English Blog dedicated to the talent search show New Zealand Idol
The Incidental Economist English Blog focused on economics, health policy, law
India Uncut English blog regarding India
Inhabitat English Blog on sustainable architecture
InkTank English Blog on webcomics
IvyGate English News and gossip from Ivy League schools
Joystiq English Video gaming blog
Jezebel English Women’s interest blog
Jihad Watch English Blog on the ideas behind Islamic jihad
Kaboom: A Soldier’s War Journal English Military blog detailing a scout platoon leader’s

daily life on the Iraqi frontlines

Kissing Suzy Kolber English NFL humor blog
Kotaku English Video game blog
Language Log English List of Blogs Language blog
Law and the Multiverse English Law and comic books blog
Lawfare English Intersection of national security and law/legal institutions
Lebanese Political Journal English Blog commenting on various aspects of Lebanese politics
Liberty and Power English List of Blogs Libertarian political blog
Lifehacker English Blog covering life hacks
Little Green Footballs English Center-left political blog
The Marmot’s Hole English Blog focusing on Korean politics and society
Mashable English, French Social networking news based blog
Memepool English Link blog
MetaFilter English Link and general interest blog
Metro Jacksonville English Urban development news and discussion blog English List of Blogs Blog index to other military blogs
Mind Hacks English Psychology and neuroscience blog
Mini-Microsoft English Blog on Microsoft
MobuzzTV English, French, Spanish Technology and current event related video blog
Momversation English Home and family blog
Monsters and Critics English News blog
Moz English Search Engine Optimization Blog
Mr. Money Mustache English Personal Finance blog
MSDN Blogs English Microsoft blog where employees blog to a public audience
Ms Sparky English News about defense contractors
Music for Robots English MP3 Blog
MyDD English Progressive American politics blog
Node Magazine English Blog to annotate the novel Spook Country
The Oil Drum English Blog on energy issues
OpEdNews English Blog on U.S. and world political issues
Overheard in New York English Humor blog of conversations heard in New York
Overheard in Pittsburgh English Humor blog of conversations heard in Pittsburgh
The Panda’s Thumb English Blog on the creation-evolution controversy
Patentlyo English Patent law blog
Patribotics English Political investigative journalism
Pharyngula English List of Blogs Science blog
PinoyCentric English Blog on Filipino culture
Politically Incorrect German and English Political blog
PopText English Mp3 Blog
Popjustice English Music blog
PopSugar English Gossip and celebrity news blog English Blog tips
Protein Wisdom English Conservative and Libertarian political blog
The Psycho Ex-Wife English Blog on divorce in the U.S.
QT’s Diary English Satirical blog whose writer falsely

claimed to be Quentin Tarantino

Rate Your Students English Parody blog on the behavior of college students
ReadWrite English List of Blogs Blog on web technology
RealClimate English Blog on climatology
Retecool Dutch Shocklog
Rocketboom English Video blog
Sarcastic Gamer English Blog parodying the video game industry
The Sartorialist English Fashion blog
The Scientific Activist English Blog on science, politics, and science policy
SCOTUSblog English Blog on the Supreme Court of the United States
Seeking Alpha English Provides free stock market advice

through a blog format

Sense on Cents English Provides information on financial

markets and the economy

the show with zefrank English Comedy and current events video blog
Simply Recipes English List of Blogs Cooking recipes
Skatter Tech English Technology review blog
Slugger O’Toole English Irish news blog
Smashing Magazine English Blog on web design and web development
The Sneeze English General interest blog
The Soxaholix English Comic-based blog for discussing the Boston Red Sox
Squawk Box English Blog for the CNBC show Squawk Box
Stuff White People Like English Satirical blog about the interests of upper class white Americans
Surviving Grady English Boston Red Sox blog
TV Newser English American television news ticker blog
TechCrunch English, French, Japanese Blog covering Web 2.0 products and companies
The Tehran Times English Blog related to Iranian street fashion
Terra Nova English Blog related to game studies and virtual worlds
TorrentFreak English BitTorrent news blog
TPMCafe English Center-left political blog portal
TrueHoop English Blog on basketball, primarily the NBA
The Underwear Expert English Men’s underwear blog
Valleywag English Gossip and news on Silicon Valley personalities
Velvet Underground Hebrew Israeli news blog
Vlogbrothers English Multi-topic video blog which generally focuses on science, literature, pop culture, nerd culture, etc.
The Volokh Conspiracy English Conservative political blog is written mainly by law professors
Watts Up With That? English Blog on global warming caused by human activity
Wise Bread English Blog on personal finances
Worldchanging English Blog pertaining to sustainability and social innovation
Yummly English Blog on food, recipes, and technology
Zen Habits English Blog on productivity, Getting Things Done, simplifying, living frugal, happiness, and related topics.
Zooillogix English Blog on zoology

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