Best Ego Vs Soul Infographic: According to mystical and non secular traditions each human being is a multidimensional being. We are now not just the physical physique or ego/personality however a composite of quite a number electricity bodies such as etheric, emotional and mental. These vigorous our bodies all have their own patterns and distinct traits and it is up to the character to dismantle the layers of every physique in search of perception of his or her actual nature.

When these more than a few our bodies are in alignment then soul integration is made manifest. If the ego/personality refuses integration — if the a number of bodies do now not acquire equilibrium — then it remains separate and divided. This is exactly why the soul is nowhere to be found. We do no longer see the works of the soul on a grand scale, we get a few reminders or evidence of excellent souls who demonstrate what the spirit of man can achieve, do or be, however a few here and there will now not radically change a planet in determined want of peace and healing.

The ego/personality has virtually no activity in higher awareness and this disinterest prevents the soul from the use of it as its instrument to have an effect on change or exhibit love, compassion and goodwill to the world at large. A few examples of heroism will no longer stir the loads to emulate a higher version of itself — it only admires, applauds and fails to see itself mirrored back. It does now not recognize that the same greatness or heroism lies dormant within them ready to emanate its electricity in the world — however what is that greatness?

Best Ego Vs Soul Infographic


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