How to be a Mindful Infographic: The practice of writing in a journal, a diary, or just scribbling notes to ourselves on portions of paper, has both a wealthy records and present-day appeal. The well-known 20th-century novelist and diarist Anaïs Nin believed writing serves “to heighten our own cognizance of life…to taste life twice, in the moment, and in retrospection.” She was on to something. Writing has a amazing way of transferring our awareness—keeping a journal can be an accessible way to ride that shift.

As a hobby, journaling is inexpensive, portable, and can brighten our exceptional of awareness, making experience of our thoughts, feelings, perspectives, our very own developing story line as it happens. It offers us a risk to slow down, breathe, turn to a fresh page, and “get real” about what we’re wondering and feeling—also referred to, especially in therapeutic settings, as expressive writing. Although we refer right here to writing, journaling is no longer only about placing phrases on paper. Visual journals crammed with sketches, doodles, or any form of art you desire, vastly amplify the picks and the accessibility of journaling practice. You don’t have to erase your doodles, right your grammar, or worry about garnering Likes and emojis from a digital fan club. In other words, expressive journaling is expressing yourself, for yourself.

How to be a Mindful Infographic


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