What are Some Common Photo Editing Mistakes to Avoid?

Common Photo Editing Mistakes: Editing photos has become a trend for most people. If you are good at photo editing, you can turn a failed photo into a masterpiece by proper adjustment. While, most people are not professional designers, or some may lack a good beauty-appreciation. That’s why we can find lots of horrible photos on the Internet.

Here are some common photo editing mistakes.

1. Over-smoothing of the skin

It is a common mistake we see in photo editing. To make the skin look “perfect” and remove blemishes & scars, people may apply over smoothing. But if the skin is over smoothened it is like their skin is just plastic.

Yeh, the skin becomes smoother and the face looks cleaner, but people who see the pictures will find it uncomfortable and fake.

2. Apply effect improperly

If a proper effect or filter is applied to your photo, the photo will be enhanced and becomes a striking one. The filter/effect needs to selected in consideration of the theme, the photo content, and the inspiration you want to express.



It is easy to check how improper filter/effect hurt this photo.

3. High Saturation

A saturated image has overly bright colors and can express intense feelings. But sometimes high-saturation pictures will lose its quality.



The image becomes a poor-quality one and lacks details after being applied with high saturation. The balance between strong color and quality needs to maintain.

Except for the above mistakes we mentioned, the following mistake is commonly found in photo editing:’

over-sharpening: try to increase the quality of the photo to get a

Distortion: when people try to make body slims, the background will be distorted.

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To avoid these mistakes, we need to learn about basic color theory. Remember that a photo can never be over-edited and a balance point must be found. Also, it is important to choose the right photo editing tool. Fotor is an easy-to-use yet powerful photo editing tool. With Fotor, everyone can enhance their photo by 1-tap-enhance and create amazing images.



You will get an absolutely different result with the same click compared with other common photo editing tools.

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