14 Best Paolo Uccello Quotes And Facts

Here is the list of 20 Best Paolo Uccello Quotes To Learn:

2 Most Popular Paolo Uccello Quotes:

  • What a delightful thing this perspective is! Paolo Uccello
  • This knowledge I pursuer is the finest pleasure I have ever known. I could no sooner give it up that I could the very air that I breath.

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12 Most Interesting Paolo Uccello Facts to Learn:

  • Paolo’s nickname ‘Uccello’ came because of his fond habit of painting birds.
  • Paolo’s Uccello’s first painting is believed to be a commission for Lelmo’s hospital – a Saint Anthony.
  • Paolo was then commissioned to paint two figures in Annalena’s convent.
  • Paolo Uccello’s next commission was a collection of three frescoes above Santa Trinita church above the left door, depicting scenes from Saint Francis’ life.
  • Paolo Uccello painted a fresco of the Annunciation for the church Santa Maria Maggiore.
  • In the church of San Miniato Paolo Uccello painted the “Lives of the Church Fathers”.
  • In 1424 Paolo was making his living as an artist.
  • In 1425 Paolo went to Venice and created mosaics for San Marco’s façade – all of which have since been destroyed.
  • In 1431 Paolo returned to Florence and painted frescoes in Bologna and at the Prato Cathedral.
  • In 1436 Paolo Uccello was given a commission to create the fresco of Sir John Hawkwood, an English mercenary active in Italy.
  • Paolo Uccello was so obsessed with perspective that he would often stay up all night perfecting the vanishing point.
  • Paolo Uccello’s most famous paintings are the three depicting the battle of San Romano. Each of these paintings were made with egg tempura, walnut oil and linseed oil on wooden panels. The panels are longer than three meters each.

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