Comparison of Question and Answers Websites

Question and Answers Websites: in this list today we are going to learn about the Question and Answers Websites. This is the research-based content we cover the websites from different sources such as Google, Quora, Wikipedia, and different websites from Google.

So, let’s start.

Comparison of Question and Answers Websites

Website Founded Closed Description/focus Languages available Registration required?
3form 1998 2016 Many topics English N/A
4chan 2003 All topics Mostly English
8chan 2013 All topics Mostly English 2005 All topics English 2010 Social topics 49 languages Yes
Askbot 2009 N/A varies varies varies
Ask MetaFilter 2003 Many topics English No to browse, yes to contribute
Avvo 2006 Legal English Yes
Baidu Knows 2005 Many topics Chinese No to browse, yes to contribute
BlikBook 2010 N/A Local academic English Yes
Blurtit 2006 All topics English Yes
Brainly 2009 Academic 12 languages No to browse, yes to contribute 2013 Science, technology, math English Yes/Paid[3]
ChaCha 2006 2016 Many topics English N/A
Chegg 2005 Academic English Yes / paid
eNotes 2005 Academic English Yes / paid
Experience Project 2007 2016 Social topics English anonymous
Experts-Exchange 1996 Information technology Yes / paid
Fixya 2005 Consumer products English Yes
Google Answers 2002 2006 English Yes
Google Questions and Answers 2007 2014 Many topics Russian, Chinese, English, French N/A 2006 German Yes
HealthTap 2011 Health information English No
Internet Oracle 1989 All topics (humorous) English No
Jelly 2013 2017 All topics English
JustAnswer 2003 All topics English, Spanish, German, Japanese Yes
Knowledge Search 2002 Many topics Korean
LinkedIn Answers 2007 2013 Business Yes
MadSci Network 1995 Science English 2007 2014 Many topics English N/A
Ответы@Mail.Ru 2006 Russian
ProfNet 1992 Journalists English Yes
Quora 2009 Many topics 22 languages Yes, except to view single answers
Reddit 2005 All topics Depends on subreddit No to browse, yes to contribute
Sharecare 2009 Health and wellness English No (formerly Formspring) 2009 2015 All topics English Yes
Stack Exchange 2008 Many topics English (Q&A about other languages takes

place in those languages as well as English)

No to browse and answer, yes to ask and

contribute fully. Some topics allow asking as a guest.

The Straight Dope 1973 (print) Many topics English No
Transtutors 2007 Academic English Yes / paid
TXN (The Experts Network) 2011 ? Sports English No
Uclue 2007 2017 Many topics English Yes
WikiAnswers 2002 2018 Many topics
English Wikipedia Reference Desk 2004 Many topics English No
Yahoo! Answers 2005 All topics 13 languages No
Zhihu 2011 Many topics Chinese and a few others Yes, except to view single answers

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