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Facebook Bio Status for Girls:

  • Beauty and class are what makes a lady stand out, Well, I’m a combination of beauty and class plus brains. Hmmm, what a massive combo!
  • I’d bet you’ll never meet anyone as amazing as me because I’m a limited edition of me.
  • Humans are all equal, but girls are more equal than boys, Yes I said it.
  • If only I could get paid for how often I get complimented on being a pretty girl, I’d sure be so rich right now.
  • I love being me because there’s no one else who would do a good job of being me as me.
  • I’m a girl who enjoys the sweet things of life and chooses to ignore the other side of life even though she knows it exists.
  • I’m funny but reserved, crazy but decent, it all depends on the side you want to meet first.
  • I’m confused on what to put here because this bio can’t contain my awesomeness.
  • In a world where we have many murderers of dreams, I choose to be a motherer of dreams.
  • Love me or not, I remain me, You can never be me so deal with it.
  • I choose to be a role model in a world where others choose to be runway models.
  • The purest beauty you’ll ever find is the one at the heart and not on the face.
  • Your smile is the cheapest and greatest makeup you’ll ever wear, it costs you nothing and counts a lot to many.
  • I don’t wanna write anything in my bio because it’s gonna give you a hint on me, I want you to find out about me yourself.
  • Hey hey hey! No fakers are allowed here! Only real-ers are needed here.
  • Short girls are damn cute!
  • If you can’t deal with the crazy side of me, then get the hell outta my profile.
  • Fun lover| Heart stealer| Smile Keeper| Joy giver| That’s me|
  • You don’t wanna dig about me, Be cool with whatever I tell you about me.
  • Most times, people tend to misunderstand me because words jump out of my mouth before my mind can stop them.
  • You can now breathe, I know I took your breath away with my breathtaking pictures.
  • I’m a queen in my own world.
  • Hi there, I’m friendly and fun to be with, I look forward to knowing more about you.
  • I don’t have to compete with the sun to shine, I shine in my simple way.
  • How about you tell me about you first, then I’ll follow suit.

Facebook Bio Status for Couples

  • Loving you has never been a mistake.
  • My heart can’t just stop beating for my heartbeat.
  • Do not disturb, I am happily engaged.
  • You complete me, I feel so incomplete without you.
  • If I could replay the story of my life, I would put the part with you in it on repeat.
  • I never believed in love at first sight until I saw you, the rest, as they say, is history.
  • Every day with you gives me more reasons to keep falling madly in love with you.
  • I just can’t get my eyes off you because our hearts are intertwined.
  • I don’t know what I did to get so lucky as having someone as sweet as you.
  • As long as forever has you in it, I want to live with you forever.
  • We could have been so good together but I’m here and you’re there.
  • Being in love with you is the source of my happiness.
  • Even if I had to choose another lover every day, I’ll choose you over and over again.
  • I don’t know how crazy this might sound, but I started living life the day I met you.
  • You inspire me to be a better person each passing day.
  • I can’t find the key to my heart! oh, I forgot, You have the key to my heart.
  • You are the King of my kingdom and I’m the queen of your kingdom.
  • I’ve been trying so hard to stand but it’s not working, Yeah, I keep falling and falling in love with you.
  • How two imperfect people could come together to create something special is still beyond me, but then, Our love is so perfect.
  • The sunshine from your smile is all I need to brighten my day.
  • I just can’t help myself from falling in love with you again and again.
  • I can’t thank you enough for bringing love into my life.
  • If I was asked why I love you so much, I wouldn’t have any reason because I can’t find a reason for loving you this much.
  • My greatest fear in life is the fear of losing someone as amazing as you to someone else.

Facebook Bio Status for Doctors

  • Ever wondered how doctors’ handwriting become so illegible? Then try being one.
  • Doctors are all sweet and cute until you have a taste of their syringe in your skin.
  • A happy doctor makes a happy patient.
  • Most times, it’s not the drugs you get from the doctor that works but the care you get from the doctor prescribing the drugs.
  • Apart from farmers and policemen, Doctors are lifesavers you don’t ever want to underrate.
  • Doctors don’t heal diseases, they only create platforms on which diseases can be healed.
  • They all say ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ but I say, ‘what’s the use of an apple since the doctor is cute’.
  • Don’t ever insult a doctor cos you don’t know who’s gonna treat you someday.
  • God gives lives, Doctors save lives.
  • The fear of doctors in the beginning of wellness.
  • Imagine a world without doctors… I’d bet you don’t wanna do that.
  • If I wasn’t a doctor, I don’t know what else I’d be doing because I was made just for this.

Facebook Bio Status for Men

  • In the end, a man’s gotta do what a man gotta do.
  • Not all men are meant to wipe women’s tears, some are meant to make sure women don’t really have a reason to cry.
  • Being strong is not all about strength, It’s more about combining strength, courage, boldness and discipline together.
  • To a man who wants to be successful, everywhere is a school, every event is a lesson and everybody is a teacher.
  • Winning starts with you beginning.
  • Don’t give up on your goals cos in the end, no one wants to know the number of times you tried and failed, they only wanna hear about your success story.
  • It takes a boy to fall in love, It takes a man to stay and grow in love.
  • Life isn’t always fair, you just have to work out what’s fair for you.

Facebook Bio Status for Women

  • One amazing thing about a woman is that both her silence and her words mean a lot, but her silence is her most dreaded weapon.
  • Women don’t have to struggle for supremacy with men cos they’re actually worth more than that.
  • Women are the spice of the world, imagine a world without women, it might be really peaceful but you’d definitely miss women in it.
  • Three things that a woman should always make high: her head, her class, and her heels.
  • If you’re not strong enough to deal with my crazy attitude, then you have no business being here with me at all.
  • Bad vibes are a total turn off for me, only good vibes are allowed.
  • Just like salt, the presence and absence of a real woman are always seen and felt.
  • I’m a proud woman who wouldn’t take anything less of what she’s worth.
  • Educating one woman is the same as educating the world.
  • A woman should possess beauty both of the face and that of the heart, the two complement each other.

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Facebook Bio Status for Mom

  • I’m a proud mum of two handsome Kings, Yeah, I’m a Queen too.
  • Mothers are the greatest gift life could ever bestow on any child and I’m happy to be a mom.
  • If you think being a mom is easy, why not try out acting like a mom for just a few days.
  • My kids are my pride, I don’t know if I’ll still be this joyful if I hadn’t gotten them.
  • The greatest test of a mother’s strength comes when her children are not happy and there’s absolutely nothing she can do about it.
  • The bond between a mother and her kids is just so strong that it always gets their father envious.
  • I wouldn’t call being a mother a job but it’s one of the few most rewarding roles you could ever venture into if done rightly.
  • The purest love you’ll ever find is the one a mother has for her child, unconditional love.
  • I’m a full-time worker, and I love what I do, Yes, I love being a mum.
  • There’s this vitamin that every child needs to grow well and strong, the vitamin is not common but it can easily be found, It’s the vitamin’ which stands for ‘MOM’.
  • Awesome wife| Lovely mom| Great entrepreneur| Dynamic worker| Sweet model| Strong woman|
  • The love a mom has for her children can never ever be quantified in any reasonable term.
  • One thing I wouldn’t mind doing over and over again is being a mother, oh, the joy that comes with it has no bounds even though it has its ups and downs.
  • I don’t really have to go seeking a job when I’ve fully engaged with one already, Yes, I’m fully engaged being a full-time mom.
  • My mom did a good job of being a mother, I’m gonna do a better job of being a mother.
  • I love ‘momming’ if there’s actually anything like that, lol.

Facebook Bio Status for Love

  • Being in love and being loved equally is the best feeling ever.
  • Love made me realize that the real world is actually much better than the dream world because each day, I can’t just wait to wake my dreams and see the world through your eyes.
  • Just because your love story is different does not make it less special in any way, Everyone’s love story is special in a different way.
  • Letting you go isn’t about me loving you less, it’s about me loving you enough to allow you chase your happiness.
  • I just want to be your honey, bringing you relief, good for your heart and soul, soothing and deliciously nutritious.
  • Loving you is evergreen, I love you for who you are and just the way you are.
  • If loving you is a mistake, then I don’t ever want to stop making mistakes.
  • I love that I love you because no one loves you better than you.
  • I would do anything just to be with you cos you’re the only remedy I need.
  • I don’t want to act like I’m perfect for you, I wanna show you my imperfections and hope you’ll see me as perfect for you.

Facebook Bio for Gamers

  • Wondering what the life of a gamer looks like? Just take a look at me.
  • I live for gaming, I’m a born gamer.
  • There’s no boredom in the life of a gamer because even the real world looks like a game to him.
  • If you could just be like the cop in a subway surfer who never gives up, you’ll definitely succeed.
  • You have to scale through obstacles in life to succeed, just like you have to scale hurdles to unlock the next level in games.


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