University of Michigan Business Alumni:

List of University of Michigan Business Alumni by Wikipedia,

Advertising and marketing

  • Leo Burnett (BA 1914), journalism, advertising pioneer; founded the Leo Burnett Company in 1935 with $50,000 of borrowed money
  • Utpal Dholakia, (Ph.D. 1998), researcher and professor
  • Patrick LaForge, President, and CEO of the Edmonton Oilers


  • J. Robert Beyster (COE: BSE, MS, Ph.D.), chairman, president, and CEO of Science Applications International Corporation
  • Kenneth B. Dart (COE: BSE 1976), businessman and Caymanian billionaire
  • William Davidson (BUS: BBA 1947), finance and entertainment; founder of the William Davidson Institute at the Ross School of Business; his son Ethan, a Michigan graduate, inherits control of his foundation
  • Bharat Desai (BUS: MBA 1981), co-founder, president, and CEO of Syntel; Indian billionaire
  • Stanley Druckenmiller (MDNG: Ph.D., Econometrics), formerly worked with George Soros; co-founded Duquesne Capital
  • Henry Engelhardt (B.A.), founder and Chief Executive of Admiral Group, a British motor insurance company; English billionaire
  • Brad Keywell (BUS: BBA 1991; LAW: JD 1993), co-founder and principal of Groupon
  • Bobby Kotick, businessman; president and CEO of Activision Blizzard, a member of the S&P 500
  • Martin Lau (BSEE), President of Tencent Holdings, Inc.
  • Jeff Lawson, one of 3 co-founders of Twilio owns 5% of the $45 billion dollar entity
  • Eric Paul Lefkofsky (BA, J.D. 1993), serial entrepreneur; angel investor in Groupon; on Forbes 2011 list of billionaires
  • Doug Meijer (BS), net worth of $4.2 billion; son of Frederik G. H. Meijer
  • Hank Meijer (BA Literature 1973), net worth of $4.2 billion; oldest son of Frederik G. H. Meijer
  • Tom S. Monaghan (MDNG), founder and former owner of Domino’s Pizza
  • Charlie Munger (MDNG), Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway; donated in excess of $25 million for library and Lawyers Club renovations and $110 million for graduate housing and graduate fellowships
  • Larry Page (COE: BSE 1995), co-founder of Google
  • Jorge M. Perez (M.U.P 1976), real estate developer
  • Stephen M. Ross (BUS: BBA 1962), real estate developer; donated $100 million to the Ross School of Business, named in his honor in 2004; donated $200 million in 2013, split evenly between the Ross School of Business and Athletics Department, making him the largest donor in Michigan’s history
  • Dr. Homer Stryker (MED: M.D. 1925; D. 1980), founder of medical device company Stryker Corporation
  • A. Alfred Taubman (MDNG: HLLD 1948), founder of the Taubman Company; his cumulative lifetime donations total roughly $141 million, making him the second-largest donor in Michigan’s history
  • Preston Robert (Bob) Tisch (A.B. 1948), chairman of the Loews Corporation; United States Postmaster General (1986–88); former owner of 50% of the New York Giants; his wife, Joan Tisch (UM graduate, AB 1948) has replaced him on the Forbes 400 list
  • Bruce Wasserstein (AB), mergers and acquisitions specialist
  • Ralph Wilson (LAW: ) was as an American businessman and sports executive. He was best known as the founder and owner of the Buffalo Bills, a team in the National Football League (NFL).
  • Sam Wyly (BUS: MBA 1957), serial entrepreneur; owner of the Bonanza Restaurants chain
  • Samuel Zell (LAW: AB 1963, JD 1966), real estate developer; founder of EQ Office; former chairman of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Niklas Zennström (MDNG), sold his share of internet telephony company Skype to eBay
  • (University of Michigan Business Alumni)


  • Dave Barger, President and Chief Operating Officer of JetBlue; CEO as of 2007
  • Steve Blank (MDNG), serial entrepreneur, founder and/or part of eight Silicon Valley startups
  • Henry W. Bloch (BS 1944), co-founder and former president of H&R Block Inc.
  • Louis Borders (BA 1969), co-founded Borders with brother Tom (MA 1966)
  • Edward Conard (BSE 1978), founding partner at Bain Capital
  • Donald N. Frey (BS MTL 1947, MSE 1949, Ph.D. 1951, D. Eng. hon. 1967), chairman and CEO of Bell & Howell for 17 years; received the National Medal of Technology in 1990
  • Jacques Habra
  • James John (J.J.) Hagerman (1857, an industrialist who owned mines, railroads, and corporate farms in the American West in the late 19th century and early 20th century; one of the most influential men in territorial New Mexico
  • Gerrard Wendell “(G.W.)” Haworth (COE: MA), founding chairman of Haworth, Inc., a manufacturer of office environments that grew from a garage-shop venture in 1948 to a $1.4 billion global corporation
  • Andrew Heiberger, founder, owner, and CEO of Buttonwood Development and Town Residential
  • Elle Kaplan (BA), founder and CEO of LexION Capital Management
  • Gregg Kaplan (AB), president and chief operating officer of change-sorting company Coinstar, which now owns Redbox
  • Brad Keywell (BUS: BBA 1991; LAW: JD 1993), serial entrepreneur
  • John Koza (MA Mathematics 1966; BA 1964, MS 1966, Ph. D 1972 Computer Science), a venture capitalist; consulting professor in the department of electrical engineering at Stanford University; co-founder of Scientific Games Corporation, where he co-invented the scratch-off instant lottery ticket
  • Mark Pieloch, pet pharmaceuticals
  • Bhargav Sri Prakash (COE: MEng in Automotive Engineering, 2000), serial entrepreneur, hedge fund manager
  • Benjamin D. Pritchard (LAW: JD), American Civil War general who captured Jefferson Davis; State Treasurer of Michigan (1880-1884); organizer and first president (1870–1905) of the First National Bank of Allegan; founded the First State Bank, which was the first bank in the county to be designated as a state depository, the first savings bank, and the first bank to install safety deposit boxes
  • Charles Rudolph Walgreen Jr. (PHC 1928, HMS 1951, HLHD 1992), son of the founder of Walgreens drugstores; took over the company presidency in 1939 at age 33; steered the company through World War II and the post-war boom; in 2005, in acknowledgment of his $10 million donations, the university named its new facility the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. Drama Center
  • Gary Wiren (MSc), founder of Golf Around the World and inventor of the Impact Bag

Hospitality and travel industries

  • Ralph Bahna (BA 1964), CEO of Cunard Line (1980–1989); Chairman of (2004–2013); founder of Club Quarters.
  • (University of Michigan Business Alumni)

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  • Robert Beverley Evans, automobile industry executive, founder of Evans Industries; chairman of American Motors Corporation
  • Edgar N. Gott, co-founder and first president of The Boeing Company; executive at Consolidated Aircraft
  • Mark N. Greene (MA, Ph.D. in economics), CEO and member of the board of FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) since 2007
  • James P. Hoffa (LAW: LLB 1966), attorney; son of Jimmy Hoffa; president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters since 1999
  • C. Robert Kidder (COE: BS IE 1967), CEO of Borden Chemical 1995-2002; Principal, Stonehenge Partners, Inc., since 2004; appointed chairman of the restructured Chrysler Group LLC in 2009; former lead director of Morgan Stanley; ran 3Stone Advisors, a Columbus, Ohio, investment firm focusing on clean-technology start-ups
  • Temel Kotil (COE: MA 1986, MA 1987, PH.D. 1991), CEO of Turkish Airlines
  • Jerry W. Levin (B.S.E), businessman
  • Timothy M. Manganello (BSME 1972, MSME 1975), CEO of BorgWarner; member of the Board of BorgWarner (2002-, as Chairman, 2003-)
  • William J. Olcott, president of the Oliver Iron Mining Company 1909-1928; president of the Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railway 1901-1909
  • Thomas F. Olin (BA Economics 1952), chairman and co-CEO of Archway Cookies; worked in clandestine service for the CIA
  • Mervin Pregulman played for the Wolverines (1941–43) and in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers (1946), Detroit Lions (1947–48), and New York Bulldogs (1949); went on to a successful business career as president and CEO of Siskin Steel & Supply Co. in Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Frederic L. Smith (1890); co-founder of the Olds Motor Works in 1899; co-founder of General Motors Corporation in 1908
  • Louis Carlyle Walker (BA 1896), industrialist, philanthropist, political figure; co-founded the Shaw-Walker Company in 1899 and became sole owner in 1902; an important figure in the history of Muskegon, Michigan benefactor and namesake of the L. C. Walker Arena
  • Thomas J. Wilson (BS 1970), Chairman and CEO of Allstate Insurance, Incorporated
  • (University of Michigan Business Alumni)

Internet, software, and hardware

Mergers, acquisitions, and turnarounds

  • David A. Brandon (AB 1974), Chairman and CEO of Domino’s Pizza
  • Ronald L. Olson (JD: Law 1966), a name partner at Munger Tolles & Olson; RAND Corporation Chairman, Board of Trustees (former); member of the board of Munger, Tolles & Olson Chairman; member of the board of Berkshire Hathaway (1997-); Council on Foreign Relations board of directors
  • Bruce Wasserstein (AB 1967), CEO of Lazard Freres, founder of Wasserstein Perella & Co.
  • (University of Michigan Business Alumni)


  • Jason DeYonker, founder and Managing Partner of Forté Capital Advisors, a private equity firm; board member of Academi, formerly known as Blackwater
  • David S. Evans (BGS), Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Glencoe Capital
  • Paul Kangas, figure on Nightly Business Report on PBS (1979–2009; anchor 1990-2009)
  • Charles Edward Merrill (attended Law School from 1906-07 but did not graduate), co-founder of Merrill Lynch
  • Scott Seligman, real estate developer, the founder of the Sterling Bank and Trust, and minority owner of the San Francisco Giants major league baseball team
  • Boaz Weinstein (BA 1995), derivatives trader and hedge fund manager; formed Saba Capital Management
  • (University of Michigan Business Alumni)


Real estate

  • Amy Rose Silverman (B.S.), real estate developer and Co-President of Rose Associates
  • (University of Michigan Business Alumni)
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