The Ultimate Guide to Sales Operations: Discover the definition of sales operations, whom to rent for your sales ops team, and the way to run sales ops successfully.

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Crew teams have coxswains — team members who sit within the stern of the boat, help steer its path, and direct the rhythm of the rowers. Without a coxswain, even the foremost incredible group of athletes won’t move as quickly, powerfully, or efficiently as they might .

The sales operations professional is just like the coxswain for salespeople.

Patrick Kelly, who led Xerox’s first Sales Operations group, describes the role as “all the nasty number things that you simply don’t want to try to to but got to do to form an excellent sales department .”

In this guide, you will get an introduction to sales operations, why it is a critical piece of your sales puzzle, and the way to create your own sales ops team (or make your existing one stronger).

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Operations


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