How to Naturally Increased Light in Photoshop: The light of the sun creates texture. There are shadowy areas and spots
where the daylight can shine without interference. To manage the intensity, you can draw greater mild onto a separate layer or amplify already existing ligh.

How to Naturally Increased Light in Photoshop

Create a new layer by way of going to Layer → New → Layer, or by way of urgent Shift Control N on Windows or Shift Command N on a Mac. Set the blending mode to “Color Dodge” and the opacity to about 15%.

Then use the brush tool with a tender brush, and keep the Alt/Option key
to pick up colours from the region that you want to brighten. Continue to
brush in some light, picking up appropriate shades if the history changes. This way, you enlarge now not only the light, however the saturation, which makes for greater realistic results.

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