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Photoshop Shortcuts

60 Photoshop Shortcuts Key That You Must Know

60 Photoshop Shortcuts Key

  • Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E will merge a copy of all Layers
  • F Cycle through workspace backgrounds
  • X Change your foreground and background colours
  • D Reset foreground and background colours to black and white
  • ] and [ Change your brush tip size
  • Cmd/Ctrl+J Duplicate a layer or selection
  • Space Bar Hold Space and drag to navigate around the image
  • TAB Hides or shows all panels and tools
  • Cmd/Ctrl+T Transform a layer
  • Cmd/Ctrl+E Merge selected layer down, or merges several highlighted layers
  • Cmd/Ctrl/Ctrl+Shift+Opt+S Save for web & devices
  • Cmd/Ctrl+L Bring up levels box
  • Cmd/Ctrl+T Open Free Transform tool
  • Cmd/Ctrl+M Open Curves
  • Cmd/Ctrl+B Edit Colour Balance
  • Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+Opt+C Scale your image to your preferred state
  • Cmd/Ctrl+Opt+G Create clipping mask
  • Cmd/Ctrl+0 Fit on screen
  • Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+>/< Increase/decrease size of selected text by 2pts
  • Cmd/Ctrl+Option+Shift->/< Increase/decrease size of selected text by 10pts
  • ]/[ Increase/decrease brush size
  • Shift+F5 Fill the selection
  • }/{ Increase/decrease brush hardness
  • ,/. previous/next brush
  • </> First/last brush
  • Cmd/Ctrl+] Bring layers forward
  • Cmd/Ctrl+[ Send layer back
  • Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+[ Send layer to bottom of stack
  • Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+] Bring layer to bottom of stack
  • Unlock your background layer – Double click your background layer and hit the “enter” key or simply click on the lock icon on your background layer.
  • Rulers – Command/Ctrl + R
  • Create Guides – Click and drag from the rulers while they are visible. This works both on the vertical and horizontal axis
  • Hide/Show Guides – Command/Ctrl + H
  • Undo – Command/Ctrl + Z (quick tip: use this keyboard shortcut over and over again to toggle your last history state)
  • Multiple Undos – Command/Ctrl + Alt/Opt + Z
  • Gradient Tool – Hit the letter “G” on your keyboard
  • Gradient Tool with straight gradient – While the gradient tool is selected, hold “Shift” then click and drag
  • Crop Tool – Hit the letter “C” on your keyboard (Quick Tip: make sure to uncheck “Delete cropped pixels”)
  • F (Cycle Screen Modes) — Switch between normal screen, full screen with task bar without title bar, and full screen with black background. Works great when used in conjunction with Tab to hide toolbars — maximum working space, no distractions.
  • X (Switch Colors) — Swap your foreground and background colors. Very handy when working with masks.
  • D (Default Colors) — Reset your foreground and background colors to black and white, respectively.
  • Ctrl + ‘+’/’-‘ (Zoom In/Out) — Quickly zoom in or out without changing your current tool.
  • Alt + Mouse Scroll (Zoom In/Out) — Fastest way to zoom — scroll up to zoom in, and scroll down to zoom out.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Z (Step Back) — Ctrl + Z is OK if you catch a mistake immediately after it happens, but this command will continue to march its way up the history tree.
  • Ctrl + S (Save) — You should get in the habit of just hitting this combo on impulse about every 5 to 10 minutes. Also use Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S to bring up the save for web dialog.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N (New Layer No Dialog) — Quickly insert a new empty layer on top of the active layer. Get rid of the Alt key to bring up the new layer dialog for more options.

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Photoshop Shortcuts For Brush Tool

  • Brush – Hit the letter “B” on your keyboard
  • Make brush tool bigger – Hit the ] key on your keyboard (right bracket key)
  • Make brush tool smaller – Hit the [  key on your keyboard (left bracket key)
  • Brush Resize (PC) – Right Click + Alt + Drag left or right
  • Brush Softness (PC) – Right Click + Alt + Drag up or down
  • Brush Resize (Mac) – Command + Option + Drag left or right
  • Brush Softness (Mac) – Command + Option + Drag up or down
  • Brush settings – Simply right click while you have the brush tool selected. Hit the “enter” key to exit this panel
  • Sample colors while using the brush tool – Hold the Option/Alt key to temporarily switch to the eye dropper tool

Photoshop Shortcuts For Color

  • Eyedropper Tool – Hit the letter “I” on your keyboard
  • Toggle Foreground/Background Color – Hit the letter “X” key on your keyboard
  • Default Colors – Hit the letter “D” on your keyboard

Photoshop Shortcuts For Selection Tools

  • Magic Wand Tool – Hit the letter “W” on your keyboard
  • Add to Selection – Hold Shift key while using a selection tool
  • Ctrl+A All
  • Shft+Ctrl+D Re-select
  • Shft+Ctrl+I Shft+F7 Inverse
  • Alt+Ctrl+A All Layers
  • Alt+Ctrl+D Shft+F6 Feather…
  • Marquee Selection Tool – Hit the letter “M” on your keyboard
  • Deselect – Command/Ctrl + D
  • Lasso Tool – Hit the letter “L” on your keyboard
  • Pen Tool – Hit the letter “P” on your keyboard
  • Load Pen Path Selection – Once you have a closed path, hit Command/Ctrl + Enter to load the selection
  • Create Bezier Curve – With the pen tool selected (letter P) click to add an anchor point, then click and drag to add another

Photoshop Shortcuts For Retouching Tools

  • Healing Brush Tool – Hit the letter “J” on your keyboard
  • Toggle between Healing Brush Subsets – Hold Shift + hit the letter “J” on your keyboard
  • Healing Brush sample point – Hold Option/Alt, then click to choose a sample point
  • Clone Stamp Tool – Hit the letter “S” on your keyboard
  • Clone Stamp Tool sample point – Hold Option/Alt, then click to choose a sample point

Photoshop Shortcuts For Transform Tools

  • Free Transform – Command/Ctrl + T
  • Scale Proportionately – Hold the “Shift” key when you’re in the free transform mode
  • Scale from the center point of the image – Hold Shift + Option/Alt
  • Shft+Ctrl+K Color Settings
  • Alt Shft Ctrl K Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop
  • Alt+Shft+Ctrl+M Menus…

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