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33 Super Advanced Photoshop Tips & Tricks

This is research-based content about Photoshop Tips & Tricks. Photoshop is, except a doubt, one of the fantastic photograph editors that have ever been made, making it effortless to see why it is additionally one of the most popular. It’s been the enterprise chief in innovation for the previous 30 years, with no signal of stopping each time soon!

33 Super Advanced Photoshop Tips & Tricks

  • 1. Close all images

To close all of your documents at the same time, Shift-click any image window’s close icon.

  • 2. Spring-loaded move

While using any tool, hold Cmd/Ctrl to temporarily switch to the Move tool. Release to go back to your original tool. Note that spring-loaded keyboard shortcuts work for other tool shortcuts, too.

  • 3. How to Create Multiple Stroke Effects on Text

Why have one line stroke when you could have two? Double-click the text layer to apply a Stroke layer effect. Press the Plus icon to add another Stroke. Add as many as you’d like!

Stop screens hotting things just to grab colors from them! Simply select the Eye Dropper tool, minimize Photoshop, click the dropper onto your canvas, and then drag anywhere outside of Photoshop!

  • 5. How to Fill Layer with Fore/Background Color (Hotkeys)

Press Ctrl + Del to fill layer with background color. Press Alt + Del to fill layer with foreground color.

Add a subtle light bleed to help blend any image by creating a new layer, and painting white towards the top of your image using a big fluffy white brush. Finish it off by lowering the opacity of the layer!

  • 7. Interactive zoom

For interactive zooming, hold Cmd/Ctrl+Space then drag right to zoom in, or left to zoom out. The zoom targets where your mouse icon is, so it’s one of the quickest ways to navigate around an image.

  • 8. Easier marquee selections

Hold down Alt to start a selection at the centre point with any Marquee tool, and then hold Space to temporarily move the selection around.

  • 9. Bird’s eye view

When zoomed in close, hold down H and drag in the image to instantly dart out to full screen then jump back to another area. One of the best Photoshop tips for viewing work!

  • 10. Undo, undo, undo

You probably know that Cmd/Ctrl+Z is Undo, but you may not know Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+Z lets you undo more than one history state.

  • 11. 1000 history states

Go to Edit>Preferences>Performance to change the number of History states up to a maximum of 1000. Beware though of the effect that this has on performance.

Create quick custom shapes using the shapes you’ve already created by selecting your shape layers and then Right-Click > Merge Shapes. Bam! Now multiple shapes have become one!

Use Motion Blur to give some speed to any object by creating a feathered selection around the edges of an object and then adding a subtle Filter > Blur > Motion Blur.

Did you think Photoshop is just for image editing? Think again! Go to Window > Timeline and click on the Create Video Timeline icon to create GIFs and other simple animations!

Want to focus on one layer, but the others are in your way? Hold down the Alt key and click on the Eyeball icon of the layer you want to isolate. When you Alt-click again, the other layers will switch right back on.

Long gone are the days of unorganized, chaotic brushes! Go into your Brush panel and Right-Click > Create Group to tidy up and sort your brushes.

Want the layer style but not the layer? Add a layer style to your layer, and then bring the layer’s Fill down to

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  • 18. Expert Tips:

Add a Gaussian Blur to your layer mask to remove harsh edges. Quite often when you have made a selection on a layer mask, the edges will be jagged and sharp. You can remove this clicking on the Layer Mask > Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur > Apply a subtle Blur. Perfect!

  • 19. Photoshop tips from Binoc Creations

While cutting out Hair in Refine Edge – Deselect the Contaminate colours option! This can often give better results.

  • 20. Photoshop tips From Ashok kumar

Before adding a gaussian blur, convert your layer to a smart object. Adding the blur this way will allow you to refine the blur at any time.

  • 21. Photoshop tips from Anaskadeva

It’s all about the masking and how you blend the images by paying attention to every detail, starting from the shadows, how neatly you cut your drawing and unify the colors.

  • 22. Photoshop tips From Jessica Visuals

There’s no limit in Photoshop, never hesitate to create what you want because you have amazing tools that’ll allow you to do that and bring your creations to life. Instagram Account

  • 23. Photoshop tips From Inspiration Clan

You can use Alt + Backspace to fill a layer or selection with the foreground color. Great when you are making a layer mask selection.

  • 24 Photoshop tips From Antoniusbrs

To perform your best edits, use your PC. Apps can be useful but the larger screen and PC power always wins.

  • 25. Photoshop tips From Jessica Visuals

Use the pen tool if you want the cleanest cut, yes it takes longer but it’s worth it in the end!

  • 26. Photoshop tips From Inspiration Clan

Draw straight lines with the Brush Tool by holding down shift and clicking between two individual points.

  • 27. Photoshop tips From Inspiration Clan

Make a selection from a path. With the Pen tool selected, right click, then select Make Selection. This will convert your selection into a path!

  • 28. Photoshop tips From: Inspiration Clan

Hide layer effects to save space. If you want to disable the auto-expanded layer effects option then go to your layer panel options, navigate to “Panel Options…” and uncheck the “Expand New Effects” option at the bottom.

  • 29. Photoshop tips From: Inspiration Clan

If you are a busy human and work on many different documents within Photoshop, you can navigate between then quickly by pressing Ctrl/Cmd + Tab

  • 30. Photoshop tips From: Inspiration Clan

Recharge your creative batteries by taking a break. Relaxation boosts energy and productivity so take a walk, grab a bite to eat, sit in the park to refresh the brain and revitalize the vision.

  • 31. Photoshop tips From: wagusf

Checkout the “Nik collection” Photoshop plugin, it’s awesome. I’d definitely recommend.

  • 32. How to Toggle Between Open Documents

If you work with more than one document at the same time, pressing Ctrl + Tab to toggle through them quickly.

  • 33. Lift skin tones quickly

Often skin tones will benefit from a gentle lift to the luminance of the red, yellow or orange color range. a simple way to do this is with the Targeted Adjustment tool in Camera Raw. simply grab the tool, right-click and choose luminance, then drag upwards slightly over the subject’s skin to lift it.

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